Monitor riser Tempered Glass (high model) | TVB-42

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Nowadays, most of us work at our computers almost every day. Not only during work, but also at home we often do things behind the computer. Because of all those hours behind our desk, we can still sometimes get physical complaints, such as a sore neck, back or troubled shoulders. Therefore, when working at the computer, it is important to maintain good posture. The monitor riser is designed to give you a helping hand. This ensures that you do not bend over too much to read your screen. Experience the ergonomic work posture yourself by using a Wolff Mount monitor raiser.

This monitor raiser of tempered glass is not only useful for a better sitting posture, it also looks trendy in the interior of your office (building).

Features monitor raiser

The dimensions of the monitor riser are, L: 70 cm W: 28 cm H: 9 cm. These 9 cm already help you on your way to a better sitting position. When the montior is higher you don't have to sit bent over as much. This is more comfortable and better for your neck and back.



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