Tilt and lockable TV bracket | TVB-57

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The TVB-57 is a very strong TV bracket and is suitable for larger TV screens. The TV bracket has a carrying capacity of no less than 60 kg, so almost any screen will fit on this bracket. In addition, the TV bracket is equipped with a tilt function, which allows you to bring the screen into the desired viewing position. This is also very handy when you often have to pull cables, such as a temporary HDMI cable, in and out of the TV. For optimal viewing pleasure!

Tiltable TV bracket
The screen can be tilted 15 degrees downward and 15 degrees upward. This allows you to view the TV screen properly from any angle. In addition, the TV bracket has an integrated level, allowing you to hang the TV screen straight on the wall and the bracket is lockable. With the TVB-02, your TV will hang solidly on the wall!

VESA size
The VESA size is the distance between the mounting points on the back of the screen. This should first be measured horizontally and then vertically and is indicated in millimeters. More information about VESA can be found here.

Product specifications TV bracket
- Maximum distance: 6.5 cm
- VESA size up to 600x400mm
- Tilting: 15 degrees down and 15 degrees up
- Capacity: 60 KG
- For screens from 32 to 65 inch

Notice! This bracket is only suitable for screens with a VESA size of up to 600x400. Screens with a larger VESA will not fit on this bracket.




Fixed, Tiltable





Weight capacity

60 kg

Fit screen size


Vesa size

200x200, 300x300, 400x400, and 600x400

Min. distance wall

6.5 cm

Min. distance wall

6.5 cm

Manufacturer product number

Tilt range